We all know that road rage is never a good idea and it usually leads to more accidents. It comes to no surprise that the cities with the highest calls for emergency roadside assistance are also the cities with the highest amount of road rage. 

Additionally, it is easy to imagine how the cities with the highest road rage rate are also the cities with the highest number of accidents per year.


We therefore did some research and we were quickly able to place Los Angeles and New York on top of the list as the first and second city with the highest road rage in the United States.



States With the Highest Insurance Costs


New York has an average annual car insurance of $3,896, 208% higher than the national average. Los Angeles has a lower cost at $2,600 per year, thanks to California’s overall lower insurance premiums. 


The study by the Auto Insurance Center continues its ranking by placing the following cities right below the first two: Mount Pleasant, NC, Chicago, IL, San Diego, CA and San Francisco, CA, Anaheim, CA, Huston TX, Austin, CX, Atlanta, GA, Santa Monica, CA and Seattle, WA. Relatively lower incidents were reported in Washington, DC, Weehawken, NJ, Beverly Hills, CA, Dallas, TX, Miami FL and Philadelphia, PA.


Good Driving Could Mean Much Better Insurance Rates


The relation between insurance cost and road rage might find a few outliers. For instance, Michigan is not in any of the top 10 positions, but it has one of the highest annual premiums at $4,003, at 216% above the national average. However, if we were to look at Boston, we could see how it has one of the lowest insurance rates across big cities at $1,341 per year, just 6% above the national average. The reason of that is the fact that Boston has one of the lowest accident rates in the country.


States With the Lowest Insurance Rates

As you can imagine, rural areas are the ones with the lowest insurance rates, well below the national average. The lack of traffic and the consequent decrease of potential accidents play a big role when it comes to insurance.

At the bottom of the insurance rates list we find Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Idaho and Maine. These are also the states where we receive the least amount of emergency roadside assistance calls. A coincidence? We don’t think so!