Not all car related issues  are going to require emergency roadside assistance. Actually, most of them are just going to give you a bit of a headache and make you just a little upset!


We have asked our drivers what are the most annoying things that they have ever experienced while on the road and here are the results.



The phone falling on the side of the seat


How annoying is having the phone stuck in that unreachable place right under your seats? Many of us would rightfully consider it worthy of a call to roadside assistance.


Make sure to not try recovering your phone while driving and stop on the side on the road to do it safely.


When the seat belt folds and gets stuck


This little issue might look insignificant but it is extremely irritating since it might take a couple of minutes to untangle. 


Just take your time to untangle it and don’t start driving until your seatbelt is properly secured


When the sun blinds you and there is no way to block it


It is incredibly annoying to have the sun right on the driver side right where you are not able to block it with your visor. Although it is not dangerous to drive in that condition, it is incredibly annoying.

Even worse, if you forgot your sunglasses at home!


Deciphering those mysterious lights on your dashboard

You could be driving peacefully to work and all of the sudden a light comes up on your dashboard indicating that you need to fix something with your car. However, let’s be honest, most of these signs are not as intuitive and you certainly don’t want to call roadside assistance for them.

As annoying as that can be, a simple google search would help you understand what you need to do and this will most likely be something very easy to take care of


And finally… the AC taking some time to cool down the car


Getting in a hot car during a hot day is certainly unpleasant. It is very annoying to wait on your ac to start to actually cool down the car. Those 30 seconds could feel like an eternity.

Car makers finally understood this big need of drivers and made cars that you can turn on remotely before hopping in. That’s why we love technology!