Traffic Trends that have emerged in 2021As people are getting back on the road, we are noticing a lot of new trends that might be causing safety issues while there are some old issues that keep being there and will likely be hard to completely wipe off. 

As we always say, an accident doesn’t require the driver to make a mistake, but it is often caused by other people driving recklessly. With traffic getting back to normal, here are some of the most common hazards we need to be aware of as we hit the streets.



People Aren’t Used to Heavy Traffic


We drove for well over a year with less traffic than usual and we might have developed driving habits that might not work as well in pre-covid traffic. Keep an eye on people that might not use turn signals, last moment lane changes and sudden stops. 


It will take some time for drivers to pick up on some old habits and we all need to be a little more careful moving forward.


Smartphones Will Be More Dangerous Than Ever


Smartphone distractions are always dangerous but we can all agree on the fact that the busier a road is the more dangerous they become. You can think of it that way: if on a road with few cars it only takes a few seconds to get in an accident, on busy roads a simple glance at your phone might put your life in jeopardy.


Speeding is a Problem


You shouldn’t speed, it’s that simple. However, while speeding on an empty road might be less dangerous, doing it on a busy one is a recipe for disaster. Traffic jams can happen anytime and your stopping time is longer the faster you go. 

With that in mind, you can all understand how crowded roads will be a very likely scenario for accidents if you don’t respect the speed limits.


Reckless Driving Becomes Even More of a Problem


Similar to speeding, reckless driving becomes more dangerous the more people are on the road. While a reckless driver might get lucky and avoid causing an accident on a road with light traffic, it is almost guaranteed that he will cause an accident on a busy road.

As a result of that, drivers need to be more careful about what is happening around them to not get caught up in potentially dangerous situations.


New Drivers Will Experience Something Completely Different

People that started driving during covid will experience a completely different scenario as the traffic level increases. They will go from a forgiving environment to streets where the smallest mistake could result in an accident.

This is something that scares most parents and it would be a good idea to actually help teenagers ease in heavier traffic with some on-road practice.