Tips on How to Sell Your Car


Although we specialize in emergency roadside assistance, many of our customers are often checking for tips on how to sell their cars to upgrade and potentially spend less in insurance by buying a newer, safer car.

Whenever you are not leasing a vehicle, it might become challenging to actually sell a car direct to consumer. Here are a few tips that will help you.


Consider a Company That Specializes in Buying Cars


You might not be able to get your asking price but the process is much faster. They appraise your car and pay you cash for it!

Usually, prices will be 20%-30% lower than what you would get selling it yourself but these companies will need to make a profit reselling your car. You are going to save a lot of time from actually finding a buyer yourself.

Additionally, these firms have nationwide reach and therefore they will have a easier job at placing any vehicle.


Do Your Market Research


How much have similar cars sold for recently in your market? Chances are that this is the price you would like to advertise your car for. Make sure to leave enough wiggle room in the price for negotiation purposes. Everyone making an offer will always try to get the price down and therefore you need to be prepared for it.

Additionally look at similar cars that are currently for sale and adjust your listing to be more competitive. This will eventually determine how many people will contact you to learn more about you vehicle.


Clean Your Car and Make It Appealing


The first impression of a potential buyer is what matters the most. Clean your car inside and outside and fix minor cosmetic issues that might turn off people. Also, drive your car as if you were interested in it and try to identify issues such as weird noises. Would you buy a car that seems to have issues? I hope not. Fix what is broken to increase your chances of a sale.

This is very important as it will have a major impact on how many people actually do show interest for the car. 


It might be a good idea to also refill the oil tank and have a mechanic run a health check to avoid surprises.

Advertise the Car


Online and offline promotions are very effective. Nowadays there are a lot of car listing sites that are free to use and all social media platforms offer free local advertising for buying and selling vehicles. Take advantage of that.

You might also want to display your car on the street with a for sale sign. You might be surprised how powerful walk by traffic can be!