Christmas is almost here and for once we won’t be discussing emergency roadside assistance. Instead, we would like to help you with some creative gift ideas for car lovers!


Bluetooth Transmitters for Hands Free Calls


While many cars already have a bluetooth system in place, some of the older ones don’t have such technology built in. Don’t worry, you can easily find a bluetooth transmitter for below $20 and upgrade anyone’s car!


Cordless Vacuum for Maximum Cleaningness

We all have that one friend that love his or her car spotless. Portable vacuums are now very affordable and extremely convenient. They can be stored in the trunk and used anytime to remove dirt, dust and other waste from a car. They are affordable and can make the list of very thoughtful gifts.


Headlight Restoration Kit


Dirty Headlights aren’t only unpleasant to the eye but they are also dangerous to drive with. A restoration kit is very affordable and car lovers would appreciate the new look of their old car.


Pet Friendly Front Seat Covers


A gift to their pet will go straight to their heart. Buying a front car sit cover for a friend with a Dog will definitely go a long way. Even if they might already have one, pets dirty them quite easily and your friends will for sure end up using it. Additionally, you could pick something of higher quality and matching the color of the car interior to show the effort you put in finding the perfect present.


A Car Trash Can


Yes, they exist and yes, they are very convenient! I was personally annoyed to not have anything to dispose of waste in and when I saw that car trash cans were a thing I immediately became a customer.


Tire Traction Kits for Snowy Days


If you live in a place where show is not that uncommon, you might want to think about a tire traction kit. They are very helpful to remove a vehicle from a situation in which it is impossible to drive. Those kits fit easily in the trunk without taking any considerable space.


Magnetic Phone Mounts Are Very Popular Nowadays


While phone holders have been around for a while, magnetic phone mounts are more convenient because you can install them as you wish in your car. Additionally, they are not chunky and look better in the car thana  plastic mount.