Some of the issues associated with driving certainly don’t require emergency roadside assistance, although we certainly feel the contrary while experiencing them.

We asked our drivers what the most annoying things passengers could do were, and the answers were hilarious!



Don’t Slam the Doors! They Are Expensive!


Most likely our door won’t break, but we get annoyed regardless. It is just rude to slam someone’s door for no reason. People should understand that buying and maintaining a car is an expense and the lack of care translates in a lack of respect.


My Car, My Road Rage


How many times have you experienced a passenger road raging for you? Aside from the fact that road raging should just be avoided, it is even more pointless when you are calmly driving and somebody rages for you. My car, my rage!


Keep Your Feet Off my Dashboard!


Putting your feet on the dashboard is a hazard but it also shows no respect over someone’s car. Shoes carry dirt and they will likely scratch the dashboard. If you want to be more comfortable just move your seat back a little and get more leg space!


Don’t Ask to Smoke Unless Invited


Smoking in someone’s car unless you are invited to do so. Smoke odor will stay in the car for a while making it uncomfortable for the driver and future passengers. It is also polite to not ask for it and only doing it if the driver offers and doesn’t mind it. Plus, did we say that smoking is not good for you anyway?


I Have Already Taken My License, Thanks!


Let’s face it, this is mostly a problem when driving mothers somewhere. However, more people than just your mother will always try to give you advice for better driving. This is just annoying and unnecessary unless you are driving with no safety regards. Luckly, sound systems can be used to lower the level of someone else’s advice annoyance.


A New DJ Has Just Started Playing

My car has a perfectly organized playlist so I can always play the music I want, anytime I want. Don’t we all have that friend that always like to take over and mess that order up? Well, yes! 60% of our drivers have reported this issue as the one that bothers them the most. They probably won’t say much to the passenger for the sake of their long lasting friendship!

I Like the Temperature the Way It Is


Not all car passengers are impromptu DJs. Some of them prefer to interfere with your car temperature. For instance, I don't like the AC to be extremely cold because it gives me a headache. People are welcome to make their experience more comfortable and I will gladly give up on my 75 degrees as long as they ask politely before taking over!


And Finally… I Know a Better Street… to Get Us Lost


A lot of people commented by saying that they don’t like it when they are given wrong directions under the pretense that it would have saved them time instead. If you are not sure about your streets, let’s just ask Google!