Increasing the safety of a car is obviously a must to take good care of your health. However, in some cases, it will end up saving you money since it will help prevent situations in which you might require emergency roadside assistance and expensive repairs.


Here are a few tips to immediately increase your car safety.



Purchase an Antigravity Battery

Antigravity batteries are small and easy to carry. They have enough power to jumpstart your battery and they can be used to charge the phone as well.

The nice thing with these batteries is that they are quite affordable as well.


Escape Window Breakers

These tools are to be used only in emergency situations and will allow you to break the windows should you find yourself in extreme danger.

Placing them by the doors will give you that extra security that hopefully you will never need.


Rearview Camera

This type of camera is so helpful that many brands have started installing it in their vehicles as a standard feature. This will help avoid collisions but also provide valuable footage in case you need to work on an insurance claim.


A Flashlight


A high quality flashlight will be helpful for a multitude of reasons. You might need to check your car at night should you be experiencing an issue or you might need to find something in the car and need more visibility.

They are very affordable and easily fit your glovebox.


A Portable Tire Inflator


A flat tire or a tire with low pressure aren’t safe to drive. However, you might not be in a position to drive to a gas station to fix the issue and therefore having something ready to use is essential. These devices are small and easy sto store but are extremely convenient!