Many people opt to buy a roadside assistance plan as a safety net to avoid overpaying on emergency roadside assistance and to get peace of mind in case of an accident. However, Shopping for one is not as easy as it sounds.

There are a lot of elements to consider to make the right decision and get the best bang for your buck.


  1. Does your car already have a roadside assistance plan?

    Many cars come with a built-in roadside assistance plan. However, you would want to read the fine prints and figure out what is included and what is not. You will want to avoid expensive surprises when needing help.

    The easiest way to check on that is to ask your dealer what exactly comes with the roadside assistance plan, what discounts you are entitled to and what services you will receive for free.

    In some cases, it is not a bad idea to complement the car plan with your own so you won’t have as many out of pocket expenses.

  2. Different plans work best for different needs

    Some plans are great for people driving multiple cars while they might be expensive if you only need roadside assistance for one vehicle. Or you might have multiple drivers using the same car and you might need to look for an affordable solution for that allows you to be covered no matter who drives the car.

    Keep in mind that one plan cannot fit all needs. It is therefore important to consider all aspects and conditions of a roadside assistance plan before deciding on which one you would like to sign up for.

    Forums and blogs are a great tool that you could investigate if you wanted to see if people are finding their choice good or if they ended up picking another company.

  3. Be careful if you travel a lot

    Some people might use their car to travel far from home, in which case they need to focus on benefits that cover trip interruption benefits and that are overall giving you a bigger allowance to get back on the road as soon as possible.

    Most plans don’t cover for that eventuality and therefore it is always good to ask before buying.

  4. Figure out any potential restrictions 

    Once you are ready to sign up for a roadside assistance plan always make sure to find out how many times per year you are entitled to it with your membership and look into reviews to find out how easy it is to contact support and actually receive help.

    Something that might sound too good to be true from a price standpoint usually turns out to be a nightmare when it comes to actually needing help.

    It is also a good practice to check on the cancelation policies and on complains that the company might have across the web.