Requesting emergency roadside assistance isn’t a nice experience but it is also quite dangerous as it is often happening on a busy street. Guaranteeing your safety should be your top priority.

However, what is the best course of action you could take? Follow these tips and stay safe!



Get off the road and use your emergency lights


As simple as this might be, many drivers don’t realize that pulling off the road as much as possible is the best thing to do to keep the driver safe from incoming traffic. Additionally, this will make the roadside assistance rescue much easier.


Use your emergency lights while doing so and make sure to be with the flow of traffic to keep you as safe as possible. Use flares and triangles to signal your distress to other vehicles so they can be considerate while driving in your nearbies. 


If you need to get out of your vehicle do it on your right


You might need to get out of your vehicle to properly signal your distress or to get roadside assistance help. You should exit the vehicle from the passenger side which usually is as far as possible from traffic. 

This will help you avoid dangerous situations but stay in your car unless it’s unsafe or strictly necessary.


Get professional help

If you are waiting on a tow truck do not get any help from people passing by. First of all, you want to make sure that your vehicle is not going to be damaged further. Additionally, not all people might have good intentions. Just lower your window enough to talk and assess the situation appropriately.


Use a GPS location system


Try to find an emergency roadside assistance company that can actually find your location using a gps system. If you are on a highway, it might be difficult to pinpoint exactly where your car is located and that could delay the rescue. 

Services like ours find the car for you and know exactly where to go. This might seem not much, but when you are stuck on a highway that makes a big difference!


Please call 911 if you are broken down, blocking traffic or if you are hurt. Keep your seatbelt on and wait for help in your vehicle.