Is a Roadside Assistance Membership Worth it?

When we started our business our initial business model was the membership roadside assistance one. We soon realized that a big portion of the market preferred a service that they could use only when needed and they felt that a membership wasn’t exactly appealing to them.

As a result of that we became one of the market leaders for on-demand emergency roadside assistance. However, we still have a lot of customers that prefer our membership plans.

This leads to a very complex question: is a membership roadside assistance worth it?


The Answer Might Depend on How Much You Travel


Do you travel a lot? Then your car might have a lot of miles on it. Cars that are driven far distances are more likely to have issues and as a result of that you are more likely to need emergency roadside assistance. 

Given that all memberships cover up to four towing a year, it would be a good idea to sign up for a membership. 

On the other hand side, if you only commute for work, your chances of getting stuck on the road are lower and therefore you might not need a membership.

At the same time, accidents can happen and you might think a roadside assistance membership might come in handy. If you require roadside assistance once a year, an on-demand service might still be your best option.


Some Memberships Offer Additional Perks


Some roadside assistance memberships offer additional perks such as discounts at partner businesses. However, most of these benefits tend to raise the price of such memberships or you might simply never use such perks.

Our recommendation would be to look for a membership that is solely dedicated to roadside assistance to keep the premium to a minimum.


Check Your Vehicle Warranty First


Most new cars include a basic roadside assistance service. Make sure to not pay twice for things that you already have. It is a good idea to always familiarize yourself with additional services that come with your car so when you actually need them you know what your best course of action is.