How to Take Care of Your Car to Avoid Costly Issues


It is never a good idea to take care of your car by just waiting for your scheduled maintenance appointments. There are always a few things you can keep track of to minimize the chances of potential problems in the long term.


This will save you money and also avoid any situation where you might require emergency roadside assistance. 


Here are a few, easy tips that will make taking care of your car effortless.


Change your oil regularly


Most mechanics recommend to change your oil every 5000 miles to maintain the health of your engine. They also recommend to use good brands with good reviews because any issue with your engine will cost thousands of dollars.

This is another examples of how investing a few dollars a couple of times per year will prevent a big financial loss.


Rotate Your Tires


Tire rotation increases their lifespan and avoids issues that might result in an emergency roadside assistance. 

Tire rotation is meant to create an even wear and reduce the risks to have a problem on a tire that might be exposed to heavier use. Mechanics recommend to rotate tires every 7000-10000 miles.



Clean your car monthly