How to Save Money on Gas



Gas prices are breaking all sorts of records this year. They are actually growing even further now that China is slowly reopening and is increasing its demand for it. 


Although the United States buys a very small amount of gas from overseas, the increasing demand and the impossibility of keeping up with the supply means that there are no foreseeable price reductions.

Considering all of that, how can the average consumer save money on gas without affecting its disposable income as much?


Buy Gas During the Colder Times of the Day


Gasoline is a liquid and as such it is sensitive to temperatures. Heat decreases the gas density and therefore buying it during the hottest times of the day means that you will pump less gasoline in your vehicle. 

Gas density is higher at lower temperatures, so you will get a bigger bang for your buck early or late in the day! 


Research What Gas Stations have Better Prices


Generally speaking gas stations near major roads or highway usually have a higher price point because of their convenience. However, different brands also have different price policies. Monitor the prices in your areas weekly to find the best deals.

You could save as much as 20 cents per gallon!


Drive Less Aggressively


Speeding up, breaking and restarting, and rapid accelerations can dramatically decrease your mileage per gallon. Studies show that aggressive driving could reduce your gas efficiency by up to 33%!


On the other hand, a more cruised driving style can increase your efficiency by up to 10%. This represents a big saving at the end of the month.


Keep Your Tires at the Right Pressure


Tire pressure plays a big role in fuel efficiency. Deflated tires actually put your car under quite some stress, causing an efficiency loss of approximately 3%.

It is a best practice to check your tire pressure at least once a month. 3% might not be much, but it all adds up.