A scratch is definitively not a big issue and it will certainly not require emergency roadside assistance. However, it is a very irritating issue to take care of but here are a few tips that will help you get it sorted!



Light scratches can be fixed at home


If your scratch is light and you can glide over it with your finger without “feeling it” then you won’t need a bodyshop.


All you would need are polishing pads, 3000 grit sandpaper and some polishing compound. This method, which requires a drill, is very effective and it will remove the scratch in a matter of minutes.

The total cost to fix your scratch will probably be around $20 dollars and the results will be perfect!


Toothpaste is not only good for your teeth


Who knew that toothpaste can be used to fix you car? After washing and drying the area of the scratch, apply some toothpaste on a microfiber towel and rub it on the scratch with circular movements. 

After rinsing the excess toothpaste, please apply the toothpaste up to two more times until you reach a desired result.

In case you were wondering, toothpaste won’t fix a wracked car. You would need roadside assistance for that!


Try multi purpose lubricant


Multi purpose lubricant, like its name suggests, can be used for many purposes. Removing scratches from your car is one of them.

Just apply a good amount of lubricant on the scratch and firmly wipe it with a clean towel. Repeat it a few times until you reach the desired result.