Many people will tell you that electric cars are a great choice because they never break down. The reason behind that statement is due to two reasons: Electric Vehicles require less maintenance and they have less components.

Regardless of that, a car is a car and it is a complex machine regardless of what fuel it runs on and issues might present themselves.

Let’s have a look at some of the most common issues electric cars might have!



Engine issues Are Less Common But Are Still There


Electric engines are way less complex than petrol cars. This means that they are less likely to break. However, issues might still happen since an engine is always a complex component.


Moving parts can break as easily as a petrol car


Electric and petrol cars share a lot of common moving components: tires, suspensions, brakes, wipers and more. These components are pretty much the same and therefore they share the same potential issues


Electric cars have two batters to take care of


Most electric cars have a battery to power the engine and a battery to power the rest of the car. Two components are more likely to have issues than one component, particularly because they both need to be working at the same time for the car to run properly.


Emergency Roadside Assistance companies are adapting


As more people buy electric cars, emergency roadside assistance companies are starting to offer on site battery recharge. Although most companies still tow you to the nearest charging station, more and more firms are now buying equipment to charge on site.


Software issues are also a problem

Electric cars are controlled by a software that is crucial to the car's well being. Softwares can easily break but the good news is that most issues can be fixed remotely by the manufacturers.


In conclusion, it  seems that electric cars are a safer choice overall and the market seems to be thinking the same considering the increasing amount of orders in the past few years.