Does Car Rental Insurance Cover Emergency Roadside Assistance?


When people rent a car, they try to get the cheapest price possible for the nicest car. Most times, we are disappointed by the cost of the daily rental insurance, and we also try to keep that cost the lowest possible. 

However, what if we have an inconvenience while driving? Who is going to pay for what? In cases like that, would it make a difference what insurance we end up signing for?

This article is meant to shed some light on car rentals and insurance and help you take an informed decision next time around.



Emergency Roadside Assistance Isn’t Always Included

It is important that you ask details to your rental agent before renting a car. You need to know exactly what is covered and what is not. For instance, a basic insurance might require you to cover the rental cost of the car while it’s not available in case of an accident. 

However, there might be more expensive insurance options that cover you and offer emergency roadside support at no additional cost. 


Your Insurance Might Cover Your Rental Car


Should you have full coverage car insurance, you might also be covered while driving a rental. Make sure to ask your insurance provider before renting a car.

You need to understand what you would be covered for and for how much to be able to potentially complement that with another temporary coverage. That small extra cost will be worth it in case of damages to somebody else's vehicle.


Check With Your Credit Card Company


Most credit cards provide some level of collision insurance when you pay for the rental through them. That won’t likely cover for roadside assistance but it is an extra level of protection for your finances.


Keep in mind that there are three types of insurances, all covering different things: damage waiver, personal accident and effects, and liability. All major rental companies quote them differently and they are likely going to cost you more per day than the car itself!

- The damage waiver covers for the potential cost of repairs should you get in an accident.

- The liability insurance covers for damages to other vehicles and people

- The personal accident insurance covers for potential medical bills


Once again, double check with your own car insurance first as they might cover some of those costs within your existing policy. Should your credit card company offer a damage waiver insurance, you will waive it if you were to sign a damage waiver insurance through the car rental company.