Many of us believe that all major credit card companies cover us in case of an accident with complimentary roadside assistance. Credit card benefits play a big role in choosing a company over another and therefore we all want to take the maximum advantage of what is being offered to us.

However, there is a lot of misunderstanding as to what specifically credit card companies are offering. We will try to clarify it for all our readers.



Most Companies Help You With The Dispatch But Won’t Cover Any Cost


The biggest majority of credit card companies will have a phone number to call to get help immediately. Some of us might misunderstand it as a service they will pay for but in reality the roadside assistance cost will be billed to your credit card.


Roadside dispatch services are completely different from assistance services. Credit cards offering roadside dispatch will therefore just help you receive assistance. Credit cards that offer complimentary roadside assistance will cover the cost for you. Therefore, learning the difference between roadside dispatch and assistance will be a determining factor in choosing your next credit card!


The Higher The Annual Fee The More Services You Receive

Some credit cards have a high annual fee which comes with a lot of premium, complimentary services such as roadside assistance, concierge services and discounts at partner locations. Depending on your spending behaviors, a premium credit card offering might end up saving you more money than the actual annual fee!

Do You Really Need Roadside Assistance?

Requiring roadside assistance is not something you will need frequently. As a result of that, the cost of a credit card specifically acquired for this is not going to be worth it. You would be better off paying for an on demand emergency roadside assistance service and find a credit card that gives you benefits you would use more often.