10 Things You Didn’t Know About Cars

We usually talk about emergency roadside assistance but today we came across some very interesting things about cars that we HAVE to share.


Some of these facts are completely surprising and we were shocked when we uncovered them! So, let’s get started!


1. Electric Cars Were Popular in the 1900s


Believe it or not, electric cars are not something modern. There were more electric cars in North America in the 1900s than gas-powered cars. However, electric batteries were not as powerful and eventually gas-powered cars took over. But things might be changing now with electric cars having better batteries and therefore more available mileage.


2. Safety Has No Price


When Volvo invented seatbelts over 50 years ago, they didn’t charge a dime to other car makes for the use of the patent. Apparently, they preferred saving lifes over profits!


3. Pick-Up Trucks Aren’t Americans


Pick-up trucks are one of America’s Icons. However, how would you feel if I were to tell you that they were actually invented in Australia. Apparently, this was thanks to an Australian woman who wrote a letter to ford and asked the following question “Can you build me a vehicle that we can go to church in on Sunday, and my husband can use it to take the pigs to market on Monday?”.


4. The First Speeding Ticket was in 1902


We would probably get extremely upset if we were to be giving a speeding ticket for going 45 mph. We are sure that the person that got the first speeding ticket was upset as well, considering that he was going at a speed that nowadays is actually considered slow!


5. One More Reason Not to Live in the UK


Did you know that the average British driver spends 99 days of their life stuck in tAlthough this might seem like a high number, we are not sure that whomever did that study ever drove in New York, Los Angeles or Miami!


6. Building a Car is Like Building a Puzzle


A car has an average of 30,000 parts carefully assembled together. It certainly makes us appreciate the work of our mechanics much more! Given that a billion car is built every year and that each car uses approximately 30,000 parts, we can safely assume that car part manufacturers are very happy and busy people.


7. The First Car Accident Occurred in 1891


This is the time when car safety protocols became more and more important. Unfortunately, back in 1891 we still didn’t offer emergency roadside assistance.


8. Don’t Speed in Sweden


One man in Sweden was fined $1,000,000 for speeding at 180 mph. Why? Because in Sweden fines are proportional to the income.


9. 2,850,000 miles in One Car is Possible


Can you believe that the record for mileage in a car is 2,850,000 miles? The biggest question though is, who was your mechanic? I might need a referral!


10. Cars Are Greener Than Horses


Cars became popular because of the smell that horse excrements were causing in big cities. So they thought that was a much greener solution.